Restaurants & Cook Shops Rewards Cards

Expires on: N/A

Restaurants and Cook Shops that use LPG Cylinders to power their kitchen can join IGL’s Rewards Program.  Only customers who purchase directly from IGL’s Retail Division are eligible.  To begin earning your rewards, obtain an IGL Rewards Card from your Retail Driver on your next delivery or contact our Call Centre at 888-IGL-BLUE (445-2583) and request one.  The IGL Restaurant & Cook Shop Rewards Card will provides the following benefits:

  • Buy five (5) 11Kg or 14Kg LPG Refills and get 50% off the 6th purchase.
  • Buy five (5) 45Kg LPG Refills and get 50% off the 6th purchase.

The Rewards Card must be stamped and signed every time you make a purchase from an IGL Retail Driver in order to be eligible for rewards. The IGL reward card is not for sale or resale.  Stamps are not given for discounted, free or rewarded items.